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 We Love the Japanese Dog!

"There are many,many wonderful breeds of dogs...but the native Japanese dog is peerless."
                                                                                           ~Bob & Peggy Graham

We belong to a select group of North American breeders who are invested in the preservation of the native Japanese dog breeds, Kai Ken and  Shikoku Ken. 
Our story began twenty-five years ago when we welcomed a chubby Akita puppy,  Sumo-bear, into our family. He was a beloved pet that knew no equal
as a guardian and loyal companion. From there, our love and interest in the Japanese dog blossomed. 

Pictured:  Sumo-Bear, Akita, pulling children in cart (1987)

We also have the great fortune to welcome other Nihon ken into our home...the Shikoku, Kai Ken and Shiba Inu. Through the years, we have come to understand the nature of the Japanese dog and find joy in sharing our lives with them. 

O'ikon (est 1997) is home to our wonderful Japanese dogs.  We are currently developing Graham'stead Preserve, a twenty acre wildlife habitat along coastal plain of Lake Erie. Our pack enjoys the freedom to roam the property and accompaning us as we explore the natural resources in our area. In addition, we participate in obedience and conformation as well as sledding, carting and field work.




Japanses Dogs Can Be Feisty!

 Japanese Dogs Can Be Fiesty!

The Japanese hunting dog was bred to have a strong sense of self with the ability to hold and take down large prey.  These dogs can exhibit a dominant nature and show aggression toward other animals. Our pack is managed in a structured
environment to reduce incidence of injury, especially between intact males. Each of our dogs is recognized by a unique personality. We understand their tendencies and work with them accordingly to keep them safe while they engage in social behavior and while at work and play. We take great pride in providing our dogs with a variety of activities designed to enhance their mental and physical well being.  In return, we are rewarded with incredible canines that are amazing working dogs and devoted family companions. 

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