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Kai Ken


Pictured:  Sai No Riki  (Japanese Import) 



Other Name: Tora-inu [tiger dog] , medium-size Japanese dog

Family: Primitive, spitz, Northern, working

Area of Origin: Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan

Date of Origin: ancient times

Original Function: hunting and companion

Today's Function: companion, hunting

Average Size of Male: Height:  18.5 - 22 inches  Weight: 35 - 55 pounds 

Average Size of Female: Height: 17.5 - 20 inches  Weight: 20-40 pounds 

Registries: AKC [FSS], KKA, UKC, JKC, FCI

About the Kai Ken

Alert, obedient, reserved. The Kai Ken is wonderful companion. This breed is highly intelligent and easily trained which lends this trait to its work ability for obedience, tracking, agility, etc..  Originally bred for hunting, the Kai Ken possess a strong prey drive and can be expected to pursue small animals when given the opportunity. They are territorial and can be aggressive with strange dogs of the same sex and will also alert their owner to intruders.
The Kai Ken is an active breed that enjoys interaction with their owner. They show great affection for their family and make good house dogs.  This breed is tolerant of other pets such as cats when raised together. It is important to provide your Kai Ken with daily physical exercise in the form of a walk or playtime.  Just as important is socialization from an early age to provide for a well adjusted pet.

A relatively healthy breed, Kai Ken are not known to suffer from any major health concerns.  Occasionally noted are instances of patellar luxation, cataracts, and seizures. The average life span of a Kai Ken is 12-15 years. 






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