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Ownership Contract
We take placement of our puppies and dogs VERY seriously!

If you are considering a puppy or dog from O'Ikon Nihonken, please review the following ownership contract. 
This is sample contract for companion dogs only.


O’ iKon Nihonken
This agreement is made on the              day of      year         by and between
 , hereinafter referred to as breeder,
and,                                                                                  hereinafter
referred to as owner.
Breeder:                                                                                     Owner:
 This agreement between Breeder and Owner is for the purpose of setting forth the terms and conditions of the ownership requirements
of this Companion dog described below, hereinafter referred to as “Dog.” 
Name of Dog:

Date of Birth: ____/_____/____         Sex:                               Color
Microchip/tattoo/DNA ID#
Sire Name:        
Dam Name
Companion dog purchase price is $                .00 USD. Under the terms of this contract, the Dog’s health is guaranteed for two years from the date of its birth. Should any health problems specific to inherit or birth defects occur in the Dog, Breeder shall be notified as soon as possible and provided with written documentation of the defect by a licensed veterinarian.
In the event that such a problem occurs and Dog is euthanized, owner has the option to receive a replacement puppy from the next available breeding. If a replacement puppy cannot be provided within one year, the owner will receive a refund of the purchase price, less rebates received.
Owner is aware that Nihon ken is a primitive dog by nature and breeder cannot guarantee temperament.
The above described companion dog is to be acquired as a companion dog. The Dog will NOT be used for breeding and will be spayed/neutered.
Breeder responsibility:
For good and valuable consideration, Breeder promises to the new Owner of Dog the following:
  1. Dog is presented to new owner in good health, free of disease and up to date on all vaccinations. To provide veterinary records upon delivery/transfer.
  1. Guarantees dog is a purebred. Upon receipt of certificate of spay/neuter from a licensed veterinarian, the Breeder will provide the owner with a rebate and the Dog’s registration papers.
  1. Breeder agrees to provide new owner with all information and support needed to properly care for and raise the Dog.
Owner Responsibility:
New owner agrees that  he/she is not acting as an agent in the purchase of the dog and will not release/sell the Dog or its progeny to any agent, pet store, and shelter or research facility.
New owner agrees that he/she is physically and financially able to accept ownership of the Dog. Upon acknowledgment and acceptance of the terms, the new owner will provide for the following:
1.      To provide the Dog with a safe and loving home. Dog will be properly kenneled and at no time will be chained outside unattended or allowed to roam freely. Dog will be fed a premium quality diet and have access to water at all times. Dog will be kept up to date on all vaccinations. Dog will be registered/licensed according to state or local laws.
2.       The new owner will be responsible for all costs incurred during ownership of the Dog. This is to include all expenses for annual vaccinations and veterinary services, food, fees involving training classes and show entry, registrations, club memberships, and travel expenditures.
3.      New owner agrees to register the Dog with the recommended kennel clubs to promote the Dog's breed in North America. Proper registration and documentation of the Dog will be kept in accordance with kennel club rules and regulations.
4.      Owner understands he/she is required to have the Dog complete a minimum of two (2) levels of obedience training with a certified canine obedience instructor/trainer. Owner will provide Breeder with a copy of the class completion certificates to receive rebates 
5.      Owner agrees NOT to use the dog for breeding and will have the dog neutered/spayed before one (1) year of age. Owner will provide Breeder with a copy of the spay/neuter certificate from a licensed veterinarian.
6.      Owner agrees to contact the Breeder immediately in the event the Dog becomes seriously ill, has been lost/stolen, or has died. 
7.      Owner agrees to notify Breeder with any changes of address or contact information.
8.      Owner agrees that if during any time he/she cannot continue ownership of the Dog for any reason, the Breeder will be contacted and the Dog will be returned to the Breeder, or a person/agent designated by the Breeder.

This contract embodies the entire agreement between the parties hereto, and supersedes any and all other agreements between the parties in connection with the Dog described herein. This agreement may be amended at any time by the consent and signature of all parties in writing, provided that the written document so states that the purpose of the document is to amend this agreement.
This agreement is hereby entered into and wholly executed in the State of Ohio and litigation arising from any possible breach of this agreement shall be adjudicated in the County of Ashtabula, in the State of Ohio, under Ohio law. All parties hereby submit themselves to the jurisdiction of said courts. Should any provision of this agreement be held invalid, illegal or unenforceable, the remaining provisions shall not be affected.
 This agreement is made and signed by both parties to insure and promote the well being and protection of this Dog's breed.   By signature, each party agrees to uphold their obligation under this Companion Dog contract until which time there is a change in ownership or death of the Dog. Failure of the Owner to meet the terms of this contract will void the health guarantee and release the Breeder of all responsibility under the terms of Companion Dog contract and result in the surrender of the Dog to the Breeder (or agent) without refund of any money spent by Owner plus $2000.00 in damages.

Signed: _________________________________________date:________________
Signed: ________________________________________date:________________
      Witness: ________________________________________date:_________________
Dog name:______________________________________________
Reg#:__________________   MICROCHIP:___________________
Spay/Neuter Rebate:    ____/_____/______   $100.00                                                             
                 Classes Completed:                                                           Date completed:
      Rebate for Puppy Kindergarten Class                        -$25.00    ____/_______/____
      Rebate for Basic Obedience Class                              -$50.00   ____/_______/____
      Rebate for Intermediate Level Obedience                   -$50.00   ____/_______/____
      Rebate for Advanced Level Obedience                       -$50.00   ____/_______/____

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